"Submarine Boy Eats Your Feet!"
Alamalama regarding Submarine Boy

Kakian Bungal Handblast is a famous Submarinian who is the brother of Former President Killer Handblast. He is the protagonist of the Submarine Boy franchise.


Submarine Boy throughout the years.

Submarine Boy is famous for killing Alamalama and many other Sockies. He was the Chief Spanker of TheLegend27. Currently he resides in OceaaCity following the defeat of Chin Chin

Early LifeEdit

Submarine Man (from Submarine Boy)
Kakian Handblast was born on Oceaa to Fire and Kreestania Handblast in 3132. When Fire was captured by the Ians in 3140, Kakian learned to be an Ian. 10 Years later, when Submarine ManPirate and Awa Monster came to the Ian Camp, Submarine Man wanted to transform Keelian, Kakian's brother who was the only Ian who was not a Socky, into a Submarinian by shooting the Submarinian Beam at him. But, when Submarine Man shot the beam, Kakian, Sockian and Foogie Oogie pushed Keelian out of the way to eat Socks, causing the beam to hit Kakian instead of Keelian. Suddenly, Kakian is replaced with a swirl of energy that tosses socks from Kakian's body.


Submarine Man shooting the Submarinian Beam at Kakian